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What is it?

BELOTERO® is a hyaluronic acid injectable filler that is an unique soft gel that can fill fine lines on the face. Although it is versatile to fill permanent lines around the nose and mouth, it can be an ideal option to treat fine lines around the lips, crow’s feet, as well as the lower face area.


How Soon Can I See Results?
Right away you will see results from Belotero®. The product can help smooth etched in lines that are present on the face when the muscles are at rest helping with a smoother appearance of the skin.

How Long Does It Last?
Each individual patient will have varying results. However, Belotero® could last up to six months or longer depending on the patient. Different results may occur depending on how much product is injected as well as the area it’s injected into. The areas of the face that have a lot of movement due to smiling, talking or laughing may not last as long, as motion can break the product down faster.

How Much Do I Need?
Just as the different factors or depth of each wrinkle can vary, so can the amount of Belotero® that is needed. Each individual’s desire for correction as well as number of areas that need to be treated will determine the amount needed for the patient’s desired result.

& After

Procedure: Belotero®


There is very little to no down time when injected with Belotero®. Most patients return to their daily activities immediately after their visit. There may be some swelling and some bruising after injection, which should only last a few days to a week depending on the person’s tolerance.


“I grew up in Southern California and was on the beach almost every single day. Of course I didn’t wear sunscreen when I was younger and I’m paying for it now. I had fine lines all around my eyes at the crow’s feet, along my upper and lower lips and in my lower cheeks. After discussing my issue, I went ahead with Belotero® and the results are amazing. My skin is smoothed out, much younger looking and I don’t see a road map every time I look in the mirror.”
— Suzanne S.

& After

Procedure: Belotero®

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