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What is it?

Thigh lift surgery is a procedure designed to surgically remove excess sagging skin and fat from the thighs. Often, advancing age, weight loss, or genetic predisposition leads to the sagging appearance of skin of the thighs. Patients can have excess skin in the vertical direction, or the horizontal direction, or both. Dr. Farahmand offers different types of thigh lifts.


The Consult
At this appointment, Dr. Farahmand will review your medical history and examine your thighs to determine which thigh lift procedure would be the best choice for you. She will go over expectations, incision placement choices, risks, and a pre-operative preparation plan with you.

The Pre- Operative Appointment
At the pre-operative appointment for thigh lifting, Dr. Farahmand will review in detail your pre-operative and post-operative instructions with you. Your vital signs will be recorded and photographs will be taken. You will be able to ask Dr. Farahmand any questions you have about the procedure.

The Surgery
The procedure depends on the area of the thigh which needs improving. A medial thigh lift, or inner thigh lift, involves removing an ellipse of skin and fat along the groin crease. This type of thigh lift is designed to improve the vertical excess of skin of only the upper inner thigh.

A longitudinal incision thigh lift is performed on individuals who have skin excess extending further down the inner thigh. This involves placing an incision that extends from the inner groin to the knee along the inner thigh. This type of thigh lift is designed to improve more of the horizontal skin excess.

An outer thigh lift involves placing an incision near the outer hip bone and removing an ellipse of skin and fat, then lifting the tissues of the outer thigh and securing with multiple layers of sutures.

The thigh lift procedure can take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on the type of procedure being performed. It is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Drains are sometimes left in place and liposuctioning is sometimes performed at the same time.


The recovery after thigh lifting depends on the type of thigh lift performed. Patients are instructed to take at least one week off from work. Some patients are advised to take longer periods off from work depending on the type of work they perform. They are instructed to wear a compression garment for three weeks after the procedure. If drains are used, they will be removed once the amount of drainage decreases substantially. Pain medications control post-operative pain.


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