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adjustable breast implants

adjustable breast implants

What is it?

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Audrey Farahmand helps her plastic surgery patients in Fort Myers, Florida control the size of their breast augmentation surgery after their breast augmentation surgery is complete with a special post-operatively adjustable saline breast implant.


The Augmentation
The augmentation is performed just as a standard breast augmentation. A special saline implant is used with a small port which is buried underneath the skin. The port is usually not visible but can be felt with the fingertips. During post-operative visits, if the patient desires to make the breasts larger or smaller, a tiny needle can be inserted through the skin, into the port, and saline can be added or removed. This allows the patient to be in control of her size. After a period of approximately three months, the ports are removed through the old incisions. The second procedure takes approximately twenty minutes to perform and the patient is usually back to work the following day after port removal surgery.

The Advantages of Adjustable Breast Implants

  • Patients can “try” different sizes after their augmentation
  • If rippling occurs, sometimes adding more saline lends improvements
  • Patients can sometimes more safely achieve sizes that are larger than would be possible with a standard saline breast augmentation
  • Some patients feel they can conceal the fact that they have had an augmentation from friends and co-workers by gradually increasing their size.
  • If performed with a breast lift, the breast lift incisions may heal better as less tension would be placed on the incisions initially.

The Disadvantages of Adjustable Breast Implants

  • This approach requires more office visits
  • It is Dr. Farahmand’s opinion that the adjustable implants are more prone to rippling than standard breast implants.
  • Adjustable breast implants require a second surgery
  • The port can malfunction
  • There is a slightly higher chance of infection
  • There is a limit to how much the implant can be filled as over-filling or under-filling can contribute to early rupture or rippling or scalloping.
  • Only saline implants can be used with this technique.


Every patient is different as to how quickly they recover from breast augmentation surgery. In general, patients stay at home for about 3 days. How quickly they return to work depends on what type of work they perform. People who work desk jobs can often return to work within 5-7 days provided they are not taking pain medications. People whose jobs require a lot of physical activity would need to take more time off.


“Love the work she did! Staff is amazing and the experience all around was the best. She explains everything to really make you feel at ease!!”
— Breast Augmentation patient

& After

Procedure: Post-operatively adjustable breast augmentation

This 35-year-old mother of two experienced flattening of her breasts after breast-feeding. She opted for 360cc adjustable saline breast implants (pictured).

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