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Breast Augmentation Fort Myers FL

What is it?

Considering breast augmentation in Fort Myers? Contact Audrey Farahmand MD, female board certified plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation surgery is performed to increase the breast size by placing a saline breast implants or silicone breast implants through a small incision in the natural fold underneath the breast. The breast implant is typically placed underneath the muscle. Women also undergo breast augmentation with breast implants after having children as their breasts have lost volume with respect to the skin. Breast augmentation can also correct uneven breasts. It is performed as an outpatient plastic surgery procedure.


Saline vs. Silicone?
The first decision female plastic surgeon Dr. Farahmand helps her breast augmentation patients make is which implant to choose – saline or silicone. Advantages of Saline are smaller incision size, easy detection of implant leak, and lower cost. Advantages of Silicone implants are spongier feel of the implant, less chance of rippling, less chance of bottoming-out.

How is the implant size determined?
Dr. Farahmand first has her patients try on breast implant sizers in a bra and their street clothes and records their desired implant volume. Then she measures the patient’s breasts to determine if the patient’s desired implant volume is achievable with respect to their measurements. Patient’s find it helpful to have their husbands, friends, or family members with them for their consultation to help them with this decision.

Natural look vs. Round?
Dr. Farahmand discusses with her patients what kind of “look” they are desiring for their breasts – Natural , Round, or In-Between. Then, given their measurements and desired implant volume, she recommends the shape of breast implants that will closest match their desired look for the breast augmentation procedure.


Breast Augmentation is performed as an outpatient plastic surgery procedure. Patients may return to work after a few days depending on what type of work they perform. Patients are asked to rest their chest muscles for several weeks after the surgery. Husbands have been found to be very helpful in assisting in household duties knowing that this will help ensure an excellent result for their wives.


“ I have SO many positive things to say not only about my results but including Dr. Farahmand and her staff! I went in with a lot of anticipation for breast augmentation but also a lot of questions. My every question ( I had a lot) was answered thoroughly the ladies made me feel like I had known them for years! Dr. Farahmand LISTENED and DELIVERED EXACTLY what I wanted. I was hoping she was seeing what I was seeing and that our projections were align and I am seriously ESTATIC with her, the staff AND my AWESOME results! I had gone to a previous cosmetic surgeon contemplating breast augmentation and his theory was “bring me a picture and I will make you look like that.” There were no sizers or 3D images. I felt very uneasy about that because I didn’t know what I would look like with the sizes I had contemplated, I didn’t know WHAT the sizes were that I was contemplating or if they would fit adequately in my frame. My visit with Dr. Farahmand was informative, and warm. I tried on sizers ( multiple times on different days) and I always felt welcome! The staff at her office and the surgery center called me a few days prior AND after surgery to make sure I was healing ok and the surgery center was very nice and informative and I could just go on and on!! I would recommend this to ANYONE considering altering their image. Plastic Surgery is NO JOKE and you NEED to be able to TRUST the Dr. and have confidence that your appearance is as YOU want it! Dr. Farahmand has my heart forever…She will deliver optimal results and have you wanting to send her flowers! Thank you, Dr. Farahmand and staff!! Xoxoxoxxo”
— VL

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