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Breast Lift

breast lift surgery in fort myers florida

What is it?

Considering a breast lift in Fort Myers Florida? Contact Dr. Audrey Farahmand female, board-certified plastic surgeon. This is technically referred to as mastopexy. Overtime, women’s breasts lose elasticity with gravity, age, and following pregnancy. This produces a sagging appearance to the breasts and a lowering of the nipple. To correct this process, a mastopexy (a.k.a. breast lift) is performed to remove excess skin, reposition the nipple, and increase the fullness of the breast. Mastopexy can be performed with or without an implant. The incisions are around the areola, below the areola in a vertical line between the areola and the breast fold, and a small horizontal incision in the breast fold. Women who need only minimal lifting may be candidates for minimal scar techniques such as “doughnut mastopexy” where the scar is placed only around the areola or “crescent mastopexy” where the scar is placed around the areola only around the top half of the areola.


How do I know if I need a lift?
Dr. Farahmand will examine you and determine by your measurements if breast lifting is right for you. In general, women whose nipples point to the floor or women whose nipples sit below or at their breast fold are candidates for breast lifting of some kind.

How do I know if I need an implant with a breast lift?
Dr. Farahmand will discuss with you the pros and cons of adding an implant with the breast lift. In general, women who want their breasts to be larger, who have very little breast tissue and just extra skin, and want more projection to their breasts would be good candidates for adding an implant to their breast lift.

Will I need to have my breasts lifted again in the future?
Generally not. If one’s body weight does not fluctuate greatly or if one does not experience pregnancy following breast lifting, it is unlikely that a breast lift patient will need another lift in the future.

& After

Procedure: Breast Lift with implants


breast lift recovery

The length of the recovery period after breast lifting depends on whether an implant is used or not. Generally, patients are required to avoid heavy lifting and repetitive arm movements after surgery for several weeks. Many go back to work after 4-5 days depending on the type of work duties they have.


“My experience with this office was beyond what I expected. What attracted me to Dr. Farahmand in the first place was the fact that she is a female…..figured I’d be more comfortable expressing my wants. Every single one of you exceeded my expectations. You were so welcoming and informative in any way possible. ”

& After

Procedure: Breast Lift with implants

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