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Breast Reduction

What is it?

Considering a breast reduction in Ft Myers? Contact Audrey Farahmand, female board certified plastic surgeon. Women with large breasts can suffer from back pain or neck pain as a result of the increased weight of their breasts. Breast Reduction surgery involves removing excess skin and breast tissue while repositioning the nipple and areola. After breast reduction surgery, the breasts look smaller and more uplifted . And women who have had breast reduction surgery enjoy having the “skin on skin” feeling reduced now that their breasts are no longer in as much contact with their abdomens.


How long is the procedure?
Dr. Farahmand performs breast reduction surgery in approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours.

Are there different types of breast reduction procedures?
Yes. Older techniques for breast reduction surgery resulted in a process called “bottoming-out” for many women where most of the breast tissue remaining settled to the bottom of the breast resulting in a stretched or sagging appearance. Dr. Farahmand uses the newer techniques in breast reduction surgery which practically eliminates this problem.

Can breast reduction be performed with an implant?
Yes, although it sounds counter-intuitive, Dr. Farahmand offers breast reduction surgery with a small implant to those patients expressing the desire to have a lot of projection to their breasts while still wanting smaller breasts. This is accomplished by having the unwanted breast tissue which is at the lowest and outermost portions of the breast removed, and then adding a small implant which will add little weight but add projection of the central breast mound from the chest wall.

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Procedure: Breast Reduction


Dr. Farahmand performs breast reduction surgery as an outpatient procedure. Patients are instructed to minimize the use of their arms and chest muscles for a few weeks after the surgery. Because no surgery is done to the chest muscles, patients often report minimal pain following surgery. Pain meds are often weaned after a few days and many patients return to work in a week depending on what their work duties involve.


“ Dr. Farahmand,
Thank you so much for how wonderful I feel about myself! You have renewed my energy and my happiness! I have dropped 12 pounds since my breast reduction surgery last month. It’s so wonderful to go clothes shopping and find blouses and shirts in a medium instead of an XL that actually fit me now! It’s Awesome!
Four years ago you did my face lift. I searched thoroughly for the right surgeon. I found you! I knew after my first visit “you” were the one! You’re gifted, professional and compassionate!
Your office staff is also a great reflection of you!
Thank you so much!”
— Miss K.C.

& After

Procedure: Breast Reduction

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