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What is it?

Latisse® is a topical prescription medication that helps with the production of longer, darker, thicker eye lashes. Latisse® is a liquid solution that you apply to a brush that is supplied and then sweep it across the base of the eyelashes each evening.


When Should I Expect Results with Latisse?
Latisse® is a solution that works gradually. Some may begin to see longer lashes after four weeks and many should see full results at 16 weeks. Individual results may vary.

If I stop using Latisse, will my eyelashes fall out?
No. Your eyelashes will not fall out any more rapid than they normally do. However, the thickness and length will gradually return to its original state over a few weeks to months.

What Are Some Side Effects of Latisse?
The most common side effects after using Latisse® are an itching sensation of the eyes or eye redness. This may occur due to too much solution being applied to the eyelid itself. You can discontinue the Latisse® for a week, once the irritation stops you can try using it again as a test trial with less solution to see if you experience the itching and/or redness again. If you do you should discontinue all together. A less common side effect is skin darkening, dryness of the eyes or redness of the eyelids. In other cases, the eye color of the user has altered a bit. If any of these occur you should stop using Latisse® and seek the advice of a medical provider.

& After

Procedure: Latisse®


There is no recovery time or down time. It’s as simple as it sounds. After removing your eye makeup at night, put a drop on the supplied brush, run the brush along the base of your upper eyelid and that’s it.


“I just love Latisse®! I started losing my eyelashes and eyebrows after I got very ill. Once I recovered from my illness, Dr. Farahmand suggested I try Latisse®. I started to apply the solution to my eyelashes and even my eyebrows even though the eyebrows are “off label”. After about four weeks of applying it each night, I started to notice my lashes were a little longer. It took about a month longer for my eyebrows to show any change but man do they look better! ”
— Sarah T.

& After

Procedure: Latisse®

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