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What Is The Difference Between Radiesse® And Other Fillers?

Radiesse® is the only temporary filler that is calcium based that stimulates collagen production. Radiesse® is a unique treatment of a large range of different types of patients with different needs no matter how moderate or severe the wrinkles.


How Soon Can I See Results?
Right away you will see results from Radiesse®. The product can smooth out the wrinkle appearance, as well as build up depleted areas like the in the cheeks.

How Long Does It Last?
Radiesse® provides long lasting results that may last six months or more depending on the amount of product and the severity of the areas treated.

How Does It Work?
When injected, Radiesse® works together with your body to stimulate your own collagen for long lasting results. After some time, your body absorbs the product and replaces it with your own natural collagen.

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Procedure: Radiesse


There is very little to no down time when injected with Radiesse®. Once injected with Radiesse® you will see results immediately. The lines that are injected will be smoother and the depleted areas will be fuller and more youthful. Some temporary swelling, bruising, and redness may occur at the injection sites.


“After losing about 25 pounds I noticed that my face was more saggy and I looked like I had aged ten years. After discussing my options, I decided to have Radiesse injected into my cheeks. Right away my cheeks were more full, lifting the skin near my smile area up and returning my face younger looking self. I am so happy and absolutely love my results.”
— Nancy B.

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Procedure: Radiesse

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