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Dear Dr. Farahmand and Staff,
I want to thank you for everything this year. You really helped me personally and you’ve all been a great pleasure to work with. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday and much continued success!
Love, Miss M.

Dr. Farahmand,
Thank you so much for repairing my fingers. Everyone was very nice to me!
Mr. F

Dr. Farahmand,
You are a beautiful lady inside and out. As for your staff, they are just as beautiful!
Regards, Miss C.

Dr. Farahmand,
Thank you for your honesty and making me feel normal again!
Miss D.

Thank you Dr. Farahmand for everything you have done for me. I am very happy with my facelift and all the procedures you performed. Your excellent care and the kindness that you and your staff gave me and my family is greatly appreciated.
Warmly, Miss C.

Dr. Farahmand,
Where do I begin to sing the praises of Dr. Farahmand and her staff. I had my facelift, consisted of six different procedures, meaning six different incisions on my face and head and none of them are visible! I experienced no bruising and absolutely no pain (which was one of my major concerns).
I interviewed four different plastic surgeons before making a decision and Dr. Farahmand was the only doctor who explained exactly what she was going to do, where she was going to cut and what the recovery would be. Additionally, each of the four doctors said their patient care coordinator would follow up with me but none of them did except for yours. She did follow up with me. She asked me about my fears and then she arranged for me to talk with other patients who had similar procedures to quiet my fears. When I hesitated she assured me I would be “beautiful” for my scheduled trip to LA only four weeks later and she was right. None of my family could believe I had just had a facelift but everyone thought I looked terrific and much younger.
To say I am satisfied with the results of my facelift is a great understatement; I am delighted with the results! I sing the praises of Dr. Farahmand and would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about plastic surgery.

Sincerely, Miss J.

Dear Dr. Farahmand,
Thank you for making the surgery on my lower eyelids go well. Also for your kindness and professionalism. I’m happy with my results. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Miss M.

Dr. Farahmand and Staff,
Dr. Farahmand, you recommended fillers to my wife’s cheeks and she is over the moon with the results. She had a previous surgery in Berlin by a well-known physician and was disappointed…so in the future we will be traveling from the UK to your office in Fort Myers because everything from the initial consultation through to the injection of fillers was perfect. Kind regards and thanks to you and your staff.
Mr. and Mrs. B

Dr. Farahmand and Staff,
We would like to say many thanks for the excellent care all of you take with your patients. Dr. Farahmand was professional, caring and honest about what to expect throughout the whole process. Thank you for everything. I’m only ten days since surgery and feeling good!
Best Wishes, Miss H.

Dr. Farahmand and Staff,
I just want to say thanks for everything. All is well with me now. Enjoyed my visits and your caring when I needed it. You are a wonderful doctor!
Miss J.

Dr. Farahmand, everyone in the office and at the surgery center provided outstanding service and information for my forehead, face and throat surgery. As a complete neophyte to plastic surgery, I didn’t know what to expect but was treated with the utmost kindness and consideration from the beginning to the end. My results couldn’t be better. I look like a refreshed younger me. My daughter says I look 20 years younger, the best compliment a mother could have. I highly recommend Dr. Farahmand to anyone considering surgery.
Miss A.

Dr. Farahmand and Staff,
I wanted to say thank you all for all your help and kindness when dealing with my husband after being burned all over his face. You all were so caring and nice!
Thank you, Mrs. D.

Dr. Farahmand,
I just want to let you know how happy I am with my tummy tuck surgery and the recent Radiesse treatment to correct my crooked nose. Thank you VERY MUCH!!
Miss H.

Dr. Farahmand,
Thank you so much for everything before, during and after my procedure. Besides being a true professional, you are kind and sweet and above all, an artist!
Many many thanks! Miss L.

Hi Judy,
What a warm and friendly office!!!! OMG You were so right when you said what an awesome lady Dr. Farahmand is. It seems as though Dr. Farahmand, Kim and you have a friendship that goes deeper than the office and that is really nice to see!
Gads, I am so looking forward to this! You have a card in your photo album from a woman who had a reduction surgery and I almost LOL’d when I read it! (Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro….)
EXACTLY!!!!!!! I will see you all soon! Miss C

Dr. Farahmand,
Thank you so much for how wonderful I feel about myself! You have renewed my energy and my happiness! I have dropped 12 pounds since my breast reduction surgery last month. It’s so wonderful to go clothes shopping and find blouses and shirts in a medium instead of an XL that actually fit me now! It’s Awesome!
Four years ago you did my face lift. I searched thoroughly for the right surgeon. I found you! I knew after my first visit “you” were the one! You’re gifted, professional and compassionate!
Your office staff is also a great reflection of you!
Thank you so much! Miss K.C.

Dr. Farahmand, you and your office personnel are the epitome of classy. Thank you for being caring, gentle and a beautiful person. Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed your Customer Appreciation Social.

Dr. Farahmand,
I can’t thank you enough! Please enjoy these “minimalist sculptural bouquets” I made for you.
Miss R

Dr. Farahmand,
G and I thank you for the wonderful reconstructive surgery. You have always taken the time to answer all of our questions, and for that we are truly grateful. We would highly recommend you. I never felt so young and pretty.
Miss J

Dr. Farahmand is the best plastic surgeon in SW Florida!! I did my research before selecting her, seeing each of the board certified 4 competitors I had chosen and evaluating them, based on their knowledge, their “bedside” manner and how I felt with each of them. All were men, except for Dr. Farahmand, but that’s not the reason I chose her. She made me feel so comfortable and I loved her from the very first visit. She will gently lead you on what she knows will be the best results for you. My results have been beyond my expectations! Her new office is gorgeous and her staff is professional, friendly and topnotch!
Google Reviewer

Outstanding PS….. Listens/guides the Patient. The outcome is terrific. I went to another PS in Ft. Myers for a major procedure….what a disappointment-I thought I did my homework…..WRONG. You won’t second guess your selection of a PS with Dr. Farahmand. She truly deserves the numerous accolades you read about. Her Professionalism and Surgical skills are admirable. Book your consultation without any hesitation!!
Google Reviewer

There is not enough I can say about the experience I had at Farahmand Plastic Surgery. Dr. Farahmand and her staff are remarkable. Having waited years to have a Tummy Tuck I was very apprehensive about the procedure. After my first consultation with Dr. Farahmand all of my worries were put to rest. Dr. Farahmand shows the upmost in professionalism and yet is very caring at the same time. Each of her staff members makes you feel as if you are the most important patient they have. Every question is answered thoroughly and no question is ignored. The results of my Tummy Tuck are phenomenal. The scar is minute compared to how I imagined it would be…I would not hesitate to have Dr. Farahmand perform surgery on me again and would expect the same magnificent results.
DS- Google review

I Love Dr. Farahmand and her staff! Their new office building is BEAUTIFUL. They really make it a personal experience all about YOU which is how it should be. They are kind and caring and Dr. Farahmand knows EXACTLY what she is doing. I was between 2 sizes for my breast augmentation and I am SO happy with the size she helped me choose. I have recommended her to multiple people and will continue to do so. There is something comforting having a female doctor in a field over run with men. I am truly grateful for her and her staff.
TA- Google review

I have SO many positive things to say not only about my results but including Dr. Farahmand and her staff! I went in with a lot of anticipation for breast augmentation but also a lot of questions. My every question ( I had a lot) was answered thoroughly the ladies made me feel like I had known them for years! Dr. Farahmand LISTENED and DELIEVERED EXACTLY what I wanted. I was hoping she was seeing what I was seeing and that our projections were align and I am seriously ESTATIC with her, the staff AND my AWESOME results! I had gone to a previous cosmetic surgeon contemplating breast augmentation and his theory was “bring me a picture and I will make you look like that.” There were no sizers or 3D images. I felt very uneasy about that because I didn’t know what I would look like with the sizes I had contemplated, I didn’t know WHAT the sizes were that I was contemplating or if they would fit adequately in my frame. My visit with Dr. Farahmand was informative, and warm. I tried on sizers ( multiple times on different days) and I always felt welcome! The staff at her office and the surgery center called me a few days prior AND after surgery to make sure I was healing ok and the surgery center was very nice and informative and I could just go on and on!! I would recommend this to ANYONE considering altering their image. Surgery is NO JOKE and you NEED to be able to TRUST the Dr. and have confidence that your appearance is as YOU want it! Dr. Farahmand has my heart forever…She will deliver optimal results and have you wanting to send her flowers! Thank you, Dr. Farahmand and staff!! Xoxoxoxxo
VL- Google review

The Dr. is excellent! Everyone at her office is knowledgeable and friendly. I was completely satisfied in every way with my experience with Dr. Farahmand.
CC- Google review

I was completely terrified of surgery of any kind, and elective was even more scary. Dr. Farahmand quickly answered my questions and assured me that every thing would be alright. She told me exactly what to expect with the recovery and she was on the mark. Was it painful, YES! But I knew that going in. Would I do it again, Yes! Only if Dr. Farahmand did the work. I had a tummy tuck and look great after 2 and 1/2 months. I am still swollen, but too was told to me upfront. There was a comment about the surgery center being rude, I found it completely the opposite. They spoke to me just the right way to take some of the worry away. I am very happy with the overall experience (word to the wise, don’t watch a funny movie durning the first couple of weeks! Holy crap did laughing hurt! Haha)- Rate MD’s review

Audrey Farahmand did both upper and lower eyelids and breast augmentation. She was caring and actually came in on a Saturday to look at my eye after I accidentally pulled out a stitch. My eyes look 10 years younger and could not be happier with my breasts. She is wonderful and I have sent friends there for various procedures. I am thinking about a face lift and there no one else I would even consider to do the surgery. Rate MDs review

I had liposuction preformed about 4.5 years ago. She did a awesome job and came in on a Saturday to personally remove the foam compression on my thighs and abdomen. I’ve had other cosmetic procedures by other docs and never had any of them personally remove stitches or any thing related to post-op other than to pop their heads in and say hi. Rate MD’s review.
I can not say enough about Dr. Farahmand and her staff. From the initial telephone conversation up and including my post-op appointments, it could not have gone any better…I had a tummy tuck and I am thrilled with the results…the recovery was so easy and Dr. Farahmand was so very attentive to my every need…
Vitals.com review

I would recomment Dr. Faramand to my friends! The results of my facelift, necklift and blephroplasty were even better than expected. She involved me in the decisions made about my surgery. She was extremely clear about any possible risks,healing timeframes and pre & post-op instructions. She also made me quit smoking!! I will be seeing Dr. Faramand for a couple of other minor procedures.

Vitals.com review.

When I went to Dr. Farahmand for a breast reduction, I had had a bad experience with another surgeon’s shoddy work on an abdominoplasty. Dr. Farahmand restored my faith in cosmetic surgeons. Her bedside manner is great. She not only did an excellent job on my breasts, but she also revised my abdominoplasty scar so that it is less noticeable and lower than it was. I have scheduled an appointment for some face fillers. I have total confidence that I will be happy with that work also. Kudos to the Dr.’s staff also. They are great!
Vitals.com review

My visit was very relaxing and I was treated with the respect and honesty I deserve.Dr. Farahmand is number one in my book!

Vitals.com review

Dr. Farahmand and her staff were just the right fit for me. I “interviewed” several doctors before selecting this doctor for my eye and breast surgery. The surgery went quite well- bruising was minimal and I had only a week downtime. I was very concerned about one of my eyes drooping a bit- I called the office on a Saturday and Dr. Farahmand made a special trip into the office for me at no charge. She reassured me that it would be fine with some message to the effected area. She was right, of course, and I really didn’t need to worry.Now- about the results. Every person that sees me is astonished at how young I look- they say that they see that sparkle back in my eyes. They are also impressed how real the implants in my breast look. I swear I feel at least 10 years younger just from the upper and lower lids being done- not even a facelift. Dr. Farahmand has given me a whole new view of myself- now the outside matches the inside! I feel great and owe it all to her. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a professional, yet personal, plastic surgery.

Vitals.com review

I checked out 6 plastic surgeons and Dr. Audrey Farahmand was by far the one I knew I wanted to perform a face lift. She also recommended a brow lift, and I’m so happy I went with her recommendation. At age 60 and having had a stroke, I wanted to make sure that I had no complications. She did a beautiful job and is a true artist. I’m at 2 1/2 months, but I was going out in public at 2 weeks. She’s caring and a true professional. My husband loves her work and thinks like I do…that’s she the greatest! I’m thrilled with the results! I’m happy to recommend her to any blog or forum I can find.

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